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Holistic Therapy Code of Ethics

A professional Holistic Therapist MUST:

  1. Conduct themselves in a professional manner and be courteous and respectful to a client at all times.
  2. Always bear in mind that their primary concern should be for the client and that they should practice their skills to the best of their ability at all times.
  3. Have respect for the religious, spiritual, social or political views of the clients, irrespective of creed, race, colour, gender or sexual orientation.
  4. Not treat any person who is suffering from a medical condition; if a client presents a medical condition s/he should be referred to the GP.
  5. Never abuse the relationship between themselves and a client.
  6. Act in a co-operative manner with other health care professionals and refer cases, which are out of the sphere of the therapy field in which they practice.
  7. Explain the treatment and discuss any fees involved with the client before any treatment commences.
  8. Keep accurate, up to date records of treatments carried out on a client and the results, these records should indicate client’s confidential details, medical history, dates and details of treatment and any advice given.
  9. Never disclose client information without the prior written permission of the client, except when required to do so by law. Never claim to cure.
  10. Never diagnose a medical condition.
  11. Never give unqualified advice.
  12. Keep their personal and professional life separate.
  13. Ensure that any advertising represents their business in the most professional manner.
  14. Ensure that their working premises comply with all current health, safety and hygiene legislation.
  15. Be adequately insured to practice the therapy in which they are qualified.
  16. Become a member of a professional association who sets high standards for the Industry.
  17. Continue their own professional career development.

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