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Eye Treatments

These treatments will enhance the eyes making them appear more open and shape the brow making it look more defined.

Eyelash Tint (approx 15 mins)

This is the perfect solution for your holidays or if your a keen swimmer. The tint will darken the lashes, making the eyes appear more open and give the impression of longer lashes. The eye area is cleansed to remove any grease or make-up and a thin layer of petroleum jelly applied to above and below the lid. The tint will then be mixed up to the required colour and applied to the lashes and covered while the tint starts the reaction process of colouring the lashes. The tint is removed safely and hygienically, and the end result is amazing and will last approx 6-8 weeks.


Eyebrow Tint and Shape (approx 15 mins)

If you have fair eyebrows then this is the solution for you. The tint is applied direct to the hairs and left on for a matter of seconds, as the brow hairs have a faster reaction time to the colour. Once the required colour is achieved your brows will look more defined and enhance the whole eye area perfectly. This will last approx 2 - 4 weeks.

Tint: £7.00 | Shape: £7

Eyelash and eyebrow tint combined: £10

Party Lashes: £20
last up to 1 week

NB: A Patch Test is Essential at least 48 hours prior to a first treatment.

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